2017 Summer Must Haves




I feel like blue denim is a necessity this season. I purposely said denim and not jeans because you can play around with different styles and silhouettes of jeans, skirts, overalls, the list is endless to find the perfect fit for the summer months. My only tip would be to add something unique to your look by looking for something extra ordinary. Like a pair of jeans with zippers running down them or a skirt with rips just to bring something fun to the mix. Off White SS17 really showcased how to make denim look light and fresh for the summer.
Also for our petite girls, my go to for anything denim is Topshop Petite as the fit is always perfect, don’t be lazy, try them on ! because that always makes the difference when working with denim.

Straw Bags 

I’ve been seeing these everywhere, there isn’t a single blogger left that doesn’t own a cute mini or beach bag version. I would say it’s an essential because we all need something cute and also durable to take to the beach or on vacation and this is the perfect chic accessory for that.


Obvious, I know but the huge difference SPF has made to my skin over the last few months is unbelievable. Even though this isn’t an exclusively summer essential as it should be used all year round. This season definitely requires it the most which is why I added it to this post. My favorite one at the moment is from a skin care brand called Crystal Clear Skincare and you can also find so many great foundations that include SPF such as Benefit’s Hello Flawless Foundation.



Lace up Sandals 

A pair of these were top of my summer shopping list. I adore the colourful Chloe ones and I just think they pull the most simple of outfits together, from a simple Cotten white dress to your go to denim and tee look you can’t loose with a pair of comfy and stylish lace up sandals. For us girls on a budget I would suggest Steve Madden, Topshop and Zara for a cute pair this season. Best of all you can actually enjoy clubbing because they can totally be rocked formally for a club look too.


Knot tops


These tops are so feminine and so simple. They are currently in season. I personally believe it is the perfect hack if you are going for an interesting but not so overdressed look ; they are definitely a summer must have because they go with anything 😉


Reflective Sunglasses

sunglasses are important accessories for the summer !, especially reflective sunglasses which are are my all time favs , especially the Dior so real reflected sunglasses. They give any outfit an edgy vibe and just brings a look together.


Flat Mules

My mantra when it comes to shoes is ‘comfort first’ lol, well most times. Flat Mules are really trendy right now and are really shick. What is better than being really comfortable and looking fab at the same time?



Scent is so important!, people usually forget this all the time but smelling lovely is very important . The first thing I notice when I meet someone is their scent. It is highly recommended to go for an  Eau de toilette over the summer as the smell is not as piquant as an Eau de parfum  but I personally still opt for the Eau de parfum. I strongly recommend Viktor-rolf ‘Flowerbomb bloom’ , Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ and the Tom Ford ‘Madarino Di Amalfi Acqua’.

Do you have a summer must have? Let us know in the comments what you love to include in your wardrobe or daily regime during summer.

Stay Cute , Lu & Funke xx

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