24 Hours in Paris

Hi cuties, Funke here! 

If you follow our Instagram page (@officialkekere) you would have seen that I went to Paris this summer. It was a short trip, literally less than 24 hours ! but it was soo amazing. This is just a post to show you what I got up to and tips I would suggest when booking a 24 hour trip.

At 4:30, off to the train station to catch the Eurostar to Paris.

Tip 1, to get the most out of a 24 hour trip, get the first train or flight out to ensure that you’re not wasting any hours in the day. This was crucial to the success of my trip.

Tip 2, do your makeup ON the your journey, to save you getting out of bed at a deathly hour to get ready for your trip, pack a mini travel makeup kit for your journey and enjoy those extra few minutes of snoozing before the alarm goes.

We got to Paris and headed straight to breakfast at Laduree on Champs Elyees, where we ordered the most scrumptious French Toast and macaroons.

Tip 3, breakfast is key, kickstart your day as you’re going to need all the energy you can get for the long and fun day ahead. 

Next was the Eiffel Tower visit. I did my research before going and knew that I wanted to get a great picture without any photo bombers which is why I decided to go early as not as many tourists had arrived s/o to Capture your style by Aimee Song for the great tip ! as I got great pictures and enjoyed the view for a few minutes before the masses materialised. 

Tip 4, do your research and plan ahead to ensure you know what to avoid and what not to miss ! 

Outfit details can be found on our instagram page

Next stop, L’arc de Triomphe, (mini history lesson) this is the monument built to honour those who fought and died for France in the French revolution. Its at the end of the Champs Elysee so after this it was Gelato time while we strolled down the avenue window shopping. 

After a chilled morning we were looking for an adrenaline rush so we spontaneously decided to rent a Ferrari for the afternoon, we had a driver who whizzed us around while we listened to French trap music (lol) it was soo fun and definitely something I would suggest for thrill seekers!

We got dropped off at Louis Vuitton so we decided to do a little window shop, we explored the 3 floor boutique, I must say it was packed. 

Tip 5, be sure to save any special luxury purchases for Paris as fashion houses that were founded in France such as LV, Chanel & Hermes provide for a unique shopping experience that is all part of the trip !


We stopped for a lunch break at a cute cafe near the Louvre, silly me I forgot to check the name as at this point I was famished. It doesn’t get more French than sitting outside a little cafe eating a baguette and inhaling the chimneys of smoke being propelled from peoples cigarets as I surveyed the street style of the Paris Haute Couture Week goers walking down the avenue.Fascinating. 

Dinner time ! this was for sure the best part of my day, we had the most beautiful dinner at Le Cafe Marly which is a restaurant located directly opposite the Louvre, we booked specially for the tables with a view. The restaurant was quite expensive roughly around €100 for a three course meal per head however the service is amazing and the food is delicious ! 

Tip 6 Book for dinner, this is so important especially if you’re visiting a top restaurant as they fill up quickly and you don’t want to be disappointed when you get there. 



Finally to end the day on a high we stumbled on a funfair where we spent the last of our euros going on all sorts of rides nothing better than a summer evening being tossed around and stuffing our faces with candy floss but this wasn’t any ordinary funfair, located opposite the renowned hotel Le Meurice, it was full of A list celebs from football players to musicians, I even met Christiana Milian and her adorable daughter ! 

I think its safe to say that a 24 hour trip is just as memorable as a week or weekend get away,I hope I’ve encouraged you to book your tickets to your next destination. Comment below what your favourite part of the trip was and where you would love to visit for 24 hours. 


Lots of Love, Funke xxx


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    Oyinda abiodun

    Please how much Does it cost to rent a ferrari ?

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      Funke Braithwaite

      45 euros per person x

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    looks like you had so much fun!I read the entire post. Funke, you’re tempting me to do one myself(Here in Nigeria of course). I just came across your blog and I love it! 🙂

    Whenever you can,come visit mine it’s http://www.lilyofnigeria.com.ng

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      Funke Braithwaite

      Thank you ! You should its great fun xx

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