Probably the first one in ages that i’ve woken up at a reasonable hour to go out. Lets be real, most Saturdays in Lagos are spent hungover and exhausted, regretting last nights attempts at an “epic night out”, I digress. This blessed Saturday was spent reading, vlogging and munching. 

I caught up on all my favourite blog updates from thechrisellefactor to manrepller, Vlogged a little (stay tuned for our irregular Lagos vlog) and went for a late lunch date. 

What I wore : 

Top: Mango 

Skirt: Asos 

Shoes: Spanish Boutique 

Sunglasses: Miu Miu 

Bag:  Gucci 

Lets just say, I had a little love affair with the colour red this weekend and it showed lol. 


Where I went: 

Lagos Motor Boat Club 



Another successful attempt at waking up on time, except i was kinda forced this time. Sunday = Church, and Church = Family Brunch, and Family Brunch = Sleep like you just ran a marathon. 

What I Wore: 

Dress: DVF 

Shoes: Hermes 

Bag: Gucci 

The obsession with red continues… 


Where I went: 

Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi 


Consists of final attempts at enjoying my weekend because its back to the summer internship life of Monday. I actually found myself at an afro club/ bar type thing watching “Show Dem Camp” perform and completely falling in love with their music.

What I Wore:

Body Suit : Missguided  

Sunglasses : Bershka 

Trousers : My brothers 

Bag: Moschino 

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1’s 

Necklace’s : Asos 

Don’t even really know where this outfit came from, but I went with it lol.


Where I Went: 

Bogobiri, Ikoyi 


Time for work, not a lot can be said about getting ready for work in the morning. 

What I Wore: 

Shirt : My dads 

Trousers: Stella McCartney 

Shoes: Spanish Boutique 

Bag : Zara 

Scarf : Hermes 

Necklaces: Asos 

Sunglasses: Bershka 

I really just wanted to wear an outfit that was effortless, comfortable and stylish. 

Where I Went: 

Work 🙁 


Ok, thats it cuties ! A weekend in outfits and locations, hope you loved it

Comment below your weekend rituals and what fun things you did this weekend.

Lots of Love, Funke xx


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