Hey cuties ,

It is Lu and i’m finally going to share my favorite face masks with you,

  1. My ultimate fave is the ‘I’m Real’ Korean sheet mask range

Honestly if you have never tried these, you need to ASAP!! They come in a pack with many ‘flavors’ for different purposes . My personal faves are the Lemon, Red wine and Sea weed. They give you an instant glow and just make your face feel moisturized, you can easily procure these sheet masks off Amazon.

2.The ‘Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay’ mask

This facial mask is a deal breaker. A little bit of the Indian Healing Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar is a sure way to efficiently get rid of  blackheads and can complement / replace any vanishing cream. Though it leaves your skin feeling so lush,the process can get quite messy and you would need to leave it on for about 15-20 mins.


3. The L’oreal pure clay mask 

The pure clay mask is absolutely golden.It opens up my pores and just makes me feel like my skin is breathing, especially after a long day of wearing makeup, (s/o to celine for recommending this face mask to me).Its not too harsh on the skin which is why i love it as well. I will strongly recommend this to anyone who wants their skin glowing for summer ;). Its not too harsh on the skin which is why i love it as well.


I am blessed with naturally good skin (Thanking God and my parents everyday), so these masks help maintain my clear complexion, so may not have the same effect on different skin types but are definitely worth a try.

  • Another tip would be getting yourself a stable skincare routine which could include a Clarisonic or vanity Planet cleansing brush.

Leave comments below on your feedback of these products or have any suggestions.

lots of love xx


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